Alternate route to GMC Registration

PLAB is still the most recognised pathway for gaining registration with the GMC.
However there are other, recognised pathways for IMGs. 

Acceptable U.K. postgraduate qualification

Membership or Fellowship of the major UK specialist colleges e.g. MRCP / FRCS

Overseas postgraduate qualification

e.g. Doctorate of Medicine of Anaesthetics and Intensive Care (U.W.I.)

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) / Sponsorship by Royal College Route

Please do see each Royal College for the individual route.

MTI - For those who are in training in their primary country or would like specific experience in an area before returning to their home country.
Note: Registration gained via this route is permanent.

European qualification

Having completed an equivalent European Specialist / GP qualification - you can apply as a specialist to the GMC. This may be subject to change with BREXIT. 

NEW - Acceptable Overseas Examination registration Route 

*Implemented during COVID-19 pandemic Jan 21 (may not be long standing)*

USMLE Step 1 + Step 2 CK + Step 2 CS prior to January 2020

MCC 2 prior to October 2020

Note if you fail PLAB 1 or 2 after taking these examinations, this makes the above pathways invalid.