GMC Registration - Maintenance & Licensing

Maintaining License within the medical community


Further to Registration, Licensing is also regulated by the GMC. 

This kept live by the medical register and can be confirmed with a simple search through the register.

Licensing is mandatory to carry out the tasks;

  • working in the NHS
  • writing prescriptions
  • signs death certificated or cremation certificates
  • Assessing mental health and recommending compulsory treatment. 
  • working within military, air service or naval within a medical capacity

If not practicing within the U.K. 

There are two common options, for persons either at the end of a training program or who have completed a period of work and are considering prolonged overseas work or taking a break from medicine.

Giving up your license to practice.

  • You can keep good standing with the organisation 
  • Reduced annual fee
  • No revalidation requirements

Giving up your registration (voluntary erasure)

  • No annual fee
  • No restoration fee