PLAB 1 is the knowledge based examination and first of the examinations necessary to obtain GMC registration.

The exam is set at the level of someone coming to the end of the Foundation Year 1 (FY1) program and comparably at MBBS level for Caribbean grads.


The examination can be sat at any of the official sites listed above (modified due to COVID) but commonly in the U.K.

Official GMC recommended resources

  1. PLAB test blueprint
  2. Foundation programme curriculum 

Personally I found this exam simple, 6 weeks preparation with questionbanks as adequate (as a recent grad <3 years) however fortune favours the prepared. 

Recommended Resources (I have used these personally and have not been sponsored by the below).

Pro tip: Covering the theory behind the blueprint is the ultimate goal.
              Volume and spaced repetition is the best way to achieve this (if working, schedule this time).
              Re-do the ones that you do not get right and end with timed mocks.

    • Passmedicine - great, cost effective resource with simple examinations - massive dataset >3000 questions.   
    • GMC Sample questions - Freely given - 30 questions with explanations that are likely as close to the real exam as can be.